Bubber Man

Bubber Man all grown up

Bubber Man all grown up

It happened one night a few years back
When my wife kept waking up with gas.
So off to the hospital we went away
My wife’s gas became our son the very next day.

We had not decided on a name for the child
So we contemplated about it for a while
The name that was chose really meant “Dog”
But it was “Bubber Man” that he soon would be called.

We had to watch him close to keep him from harm
One day we didn’t and he pulled the stores fire alarm.
He was scared by the alarm and the people stirring about
But being the good dad I am; I simply walked out

Bubber wasn’t hard to potty train
I liked to go outside and he did the same
I should have taught him discretion a bit more
So he wouldn’t go pee on Pizza Hut’s door.

He was a lot of fun and really smart too
But there was still some things he just couldn’t do
I didn’t mind helping, but it wasn’t much fun
When he’d call out from the bathroom, “Dad, I’m done.”

As time went by, he grew like a weed
It wasn’t long before he was even bigger than me
I was really sad the day he took his stand
And told me he didn’t like being called “Bubber Man”


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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