Ode to North

I wrote this Poem while I was taking a class at Oklahoma Christian. The class was Preparing and Delivering Sermons by Dr. Stafford North. During one practice sermon Dr. North made the comment that I needed to smile more when preaching, which I thought was really ironic because I can only recall a few cases of seeing him smile. As the years went by, I was given this same advice by many people, and I am quite convinced of the need now to to smile and even use humor whenever possible from the pulpit.  I presented this poem to Dr. North along with my sermon outline before preaching for an assignment. This is also ironic because I end the poem in hopes that he would give me an A. Instead, I got a B. The only B I ever received in a Bible major course. He never commented on the poem.

It tried and I tried to meet my quest
And I’m satisfied that I did my best;
To have a smile from ear to ear
Even though I think it feels so queer.

I tried real hard to make the grade
For all the money that I have paid.
Smiling is uncomfortable for me,
But it is better than getting an awful “D”.

When I smile it seems so fake
And makes me feel like such a flake.
Its not that I’m unhappy you see,
It’s just how my mouth sits on me.

I will try to change my ways
But it will take a number of days.
For even though I can see
Smiling just doesn’t come natural for me

I will try to make your day,
So that you may give me an awesome “A”.


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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