Together We Will Stand

The lyrics to this song was begun while I was working in Como, MS, in about 2001. One of verses (the first one)  when I lived in the Quad Cities, and I am still not satisfied with it. Here it is write for right now.

(C) Together we will stand far (F) stronger than we can (C) alone
If we (C) simply walk hand in hand then our (G) God will lead us home.
We will (C) fail if we try to make it by the (F)strength of our own hand.
But with (C) God and each other (G)  together we will (C) stand.

Verse 1

In this (C)life we will face  times of (F) fear and times of  (C)doubt,
When (G)trials bring such darkness that we (F) can’t find our way (C) out.
Then our (C)God will send a brother who will (F) lead us by the hand
To (C)guide us through the darkness and (G)together we will (C) stand.

Verse 2

(C) Satan will bring us down (F) when our self is what we (C) seek.
(G)Jealousy and fighting will only (F) bring about our (C)defeat.
But by (C) dying to ourselves and (F) helping our fellow man.
There is (C) power found in numbers and (G)together we will (C) stand.

Possible Verse 3


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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