To Anna

This was written for by niece,  Anna and posted to My Space after Anna moved out of my mother’s house. Her reckless life has long been a concern of mine and I continue to hope she will change it around. Anna was such a sweet child, but she was so easily swayed by the ways of the world. Anna, like me, suffered from the demons of the mind. Her thoughts poisoned her against those who loved her the most. I am one of those people. I still love her and hope things will change around for her.

Sweet child wondering in the wilderness
Living your life like you’ve lost your sense,
Walking around all dazed and confused
Partying through life like there’s nothing to lose.

I’ve been where you’re at, I’ve seen where your going
I’ve tried to warn you, but you were all knowing
We all tried to teach you, but you wouldn’t learn,
Now you must suffer the consequences you’ve earned.

There’s no sense in blaming your problems on everyone else
If fault is to be found, it will be with yourself.
You’ve had your chances again and again
But you turned on your family for the sake of your friends.

You were offered a home, but you chose the street.
You trampled our pearls under your feet.
You were offered our trust, but repaid us with lies.
We couldn’t change your decisions, but we surely did try.

God is not mocked, we must reap what we sow
This is a lesson we all must know.
How far down must you fall before you finally learn
The life you’ve chosen is the one from which you must turn.

Wake up!! Sweet child, before it’s too late
There’s no sense livin’ life in this kind of state.
If your going to succeed, you must first learn to work
Or the problems you’re facing will only get worse.

I hope my words will be of some gain
For my intention is not to cause pain.
I’m worried about you for you are so special
I really hate to see you waste your potential.

–From Uncle Kenny


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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