I’m a Dirty Old Man

For 47 years of life;
And almost 22 years with the same wife;
With two children I adore;
I can’t deny what I am any more.

I know people will judge me;
And tell me God doesn’t love me.
They’ll warn me I’m headed for Hell
Because I can’t seem to change myself.

But how can I live such a lie.
What I am is something I can no longer deny.
Believe me, I’ve tried all I can
But in the end I’m just a dirty old man.

My yards a mess with leaves and trash;
Still I can’t seem to get off my lazy (OOPS!)
I like to keep my clothes on the floor;
Instead of putting them away in my dresser drawers.

I carpet my rooms with dirty clothes
With dog hair and dust and who really knows?
I have books and tools stashed all over the place;
I let the dirty dishes and trash pile up for days.

“That’s sick! That’s disgusting !” I hear you say.
The simple fact is– I WAS BORN THIS WAY.
I have tried all my life to be clean, neat and tidy
But I was made this way by the Lord God Almighty.

So I’ve come out of my closet in a major way;
And I know all the harsh words people will say.
Even though my closet was full of trash and dust
I hope I can still be someone you trust.

This public announcement may blow your mind;
But I hope you’ll get over it with the passing of time.
Even if this is something you can’t understand;
I hope you can still love this dirty old man


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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