The Beer Run

When  (G)I was just fifteen years oldbeer truck
I (C) wasn’t very smart you know
I was (G) leading a life of crime
Always (D)taking things that weren’t mine

I was (G) feeling down
cause I didn’t have a car
I (C) saw a man takin’ beer into a bar
I (G) couldn’t believe my luck
The (D) man left the keys in his beer truck

So I (G) went and stole beer truck
And (C) drove it all through town.
Thought I (G) finally found a way
That (D) I could get around

I wasn’t (G) old enough to drive
Hope I (C) don’t get a D.U.I.
I was just (G) trying to have some fun
Going (D) out on (C) the beer (G) run.

Now the (G) thought never occurred to me
That (C) every cop in that town
Well, they’d (G)all be out looking for me|
As (D) I was driving round.

Now there’s a (G) chopper up in the air
(C) Cops are everywhere
I bet the (G) swat teams on the way
What’s my (D) momma gonna say?

Oh (G) why’d I still the beer truck,
And (C) drive it all through town?
There’s a (G) road block up ahead,
Looks (D) like I’m going down.

This is really (G) ruining my buzz
Being (C) chased by the fuzz.
I’m no (G) longer having fun
(D) Out on (C) the Beer (G) run

Now I (G) don’t drink beer no more
I need (C) all the brain cells I can store
Now I’ve (G) found a better way.
Life’s (D) gittin better every day.

I (G) gave my life to Jesus Christ
I’ve (C) shunned the wrong, starting doing right
But (G) when people look my way
They (D) always seem to say. . .

There’s the (G) guy who stole the beer truck
And (C) drove it all through town
I (G) guess there’s just some things
I (D) never will live down.

He was (G) just a mixed up child
(C) Kind of foolish, kind of wild
And (G) people love to make fun
All (D) because of (C) the beer (G) run.




About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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