I (G) met a girl in (Cadd9) Morrilton,

loveShe’s as (G) pretty as can (D) be.
She (G) makes me feel on (Cadd9) top of the world
Every (D) time she’s with (G) me.

Ya-(G) zoo, Ya- (Cadd9) zoo
(D) I’m so in love with (G) you
And I feel (G) blue, Ya-(Cadd9) zoo
(D) When I’m not with (G) you

You (G) went and stole this heart of mine
I want to (Cadd9) be with you till the end of time
(G) Yazoo, (Cadd9) Yazoo,
I’m (D) so in love with (G) you.

Verse 2
She’s just as sweet at chocolate cake
And so fun to be around.
She can put a smile back on my face
Even when I’m feeling down.

She (D) makes the world a brighter place,
She (Cadd9) keeps away from  (G) drama
She (D) makes me smile every (Cadd9)time she says,
(G) “Como te llama?”

Oh Ya- (G) zoo, Ya-(Cadd9) zoo
I’m (D) so in love with (G) you
Ya-(G) zoo, Ya-(Cadd0) zoo
I’m (D)so in love (Stay on D)
I can’t get enough
I’m so in love with (G) you



About Ken Sayers

I'm currently employed by a children's home where my wife and I care for a cottage of girls who have been displaced from their families. I'm a middle age man with two grown children of my own and one grandchild. I have worked as a United States Marine, a youth minister, a preacher, a childcare worker, and a truck driver. My hobbies include photography, horses, playing guitar, writing, and fitness.
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