Commodious Commode

It’s time once again for Silly Songs with Ken. When my children were a lot younger I was trying to increase their vocabulary. One of the words was commodious, and it went so well with commode that I just kept saying it. Well, commodious commode somehow got brought up a couple months ago just before we were going to staff meeting and I thought to myself that could be a really cool song, and I started putting it together. So here it is with a video I put together and posted on YouTube. I hope you will like it and get a good laugh. If so, please share it with everyone. It’s really good for a laugh. I hope its not too crude.

Here are the lyrics are here as follows. You can see the video by clicking on Commodious Commode.

Commodious Commode
I need a commodious commode

To have when I get old

With a super soft toilet seat

One that’s easy on my cheeks
I need super soft toilet paper

Not the kind like sandpaper

But it needs to be the stronger kind

So none’s left in my behind.
I need a commodious commode

One that can handle heavy loads

With a super powered flush

So it won’t ever stop up.
I need a shelf with lots of books

Perhaps a stove so I can cook

That would really make me smile

Cause I’m gonna a be there a while.
I need a commodious commode

One that makes me feel at home

So when I’m not feeling great

At least I can lose some weight
And if I’m ever feeling frustration

When I’m stopped up from constipation

I know it will be okay

Cause I can sit in there all day.
I need a commodious commode

For when I get home from the road

That’ll be my special place

Every time I need some space
Now I don’t ask for much, I’m a simple man

But I’d like some comfort when I use the can

Oh when I really really have to go

I want a commodious commode
I need a commodious commode. . .


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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