Goosfraba: Dealing with Anger

anger-managementEverybody has to deal with anger, but in a household with at least 5 teenage girls and one adult woman, there is hardly ever a passing moment when somebody isn’t ticked off somebody (mainly me) or something.

I don’t think anyone has ever been capable of coming up with a full-proof plan for resolving all anger issues, but I am one that is convinced that humor will sometimes help. I’ve gained a great deal from a comedy movie called Anger Management. It’s really too crude of a movie for me to recommend it, but it does have some parts in it which are not only humorous, they are truly helpful in dealing with those moments when you feel like breaking a chair over somebody’s head.

For instance, I believe singing is more helpful in changing a bad mood than anything else. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Jack Nicholson (the doctor) forces Adam Sandler (the patient)  to stop in the middle of a bridge and unfluster. To help he has him sing the song, “I Feel Pretty” from Westside Story. If you haven’t seen it, please click on the link and watch it (Warning!!! there is some offensive language, but nothing you won’t hear occasionally on your way to school or work anyway).

​Whenever I feel tempers starting to rise, I respond by singing one of three songs: 1. Love One Another ( the church devotion song that is basically a direct quotation of 1 Jn. 4:7-8). 2. I Feel Pretty (from the movie like above). 3. The Goosfraba song (which I came up with that was inspired from the Anger Management movie. Those who haven’t seen the movie have no idea what “Goosfraba” means. So click on the word “Goosfraba.” and it will open a link that shows the scene from the movie.

I’m sure the word is probably made up, but over the years  we have used this word a lot in my family. When starts getting upset it is either my son or I will respond by saying, “Goosfraba.” I guess it’s our way of saying calm down, this isn’t a big deal. My son and I do this a lot. The females refuse will often refuse to comply which is why they are much more prone to anger. 🙂

Anyway I liked the word so I made it into a song. When I first came up with part of the song we were taking care of boys. The idea is I say “goosfraba” and another person responds by singing “in the morning.” Then goosfraba is repeated followed by “in the evening” and a third time goosfraba and all sing all afternoon. This is followed by the different verses. So here is the song:


Goos-fra-ba (In the Morning)
Goos-fra-ba (In the Evening)
Goos-fra-ba (All after-noon)

If you’re ever feelin’ angry
And the world has got you down
Just sing these words to yourself
And they’ll help you to calm down. 

Goos-fra-ba (In the Morning)
Goos-fra-ba (In the Evening)
Goos-fra-ba (All after-noon)

If you ever feeling stabbing
Someone who’s made you mad
Just sing this song a couple times
It will help you to be glad

Goos-fra-ba (In the Morning)
Goos-fra-ba (In the Evening)
Goos-fra-ba (All after-noon)

If you’re ever feeling’ so mad
You feel the urge to kill
Just sing this song; it can’t be wrong
The words will help you child. 

Goos-fra-ba (In the Morning)
Goos-fra-ba (In the Evening)
Goos-fra-ba (All after-noon)

And so forth. . .

Now when a person is really upset, the last thing they want to do is sing a song, and almost all are very resistant to singing the song with me. That’s okay. It really doesn’t matter. The song still helps. Sure most think it’s stupid, but after a while when I say: “Goosfraba” at least will respond out loud with the “in the morning.” Even if they don’t, it’s still in their head. It’s one of those songs that once it’s in your head, you can’t hardly get it out. And it definately lightens the mood, even if you won’t want it to.

I don’t think anybody in the cottage has seen the movie or knows what “goosfraba” means, but they definately know the song. I have made an imprint.

Anyway, if you know somebody with an anger problem share this post or the video of the song and tag them on Facebook. That’s always fun.:)


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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