To My Mother

mom and meI wrote this poem during the winter of 1992-93 while I was living in Hull, IA. I came across it last week when I was picking up a couple items from the house where mom has lived since I was a teenager. She’s now living in a retirement home in Bettendorf, IA, and most of her possessions have been sold off. She is going through a difficult time right now with severe anxiety and uncontrollable diabetes. I feel like she is suffering and I have no idea how to help.  I’m now hundreds of miles away and it is doubtful that I’ll be able to see her much more during this life. Through all that we’ve been through in this life, the good as well as the bad, I just hope I was some how able to communicate to her just how much I loved her.

When I was young you held my hand
And Walked beside me to help me to stand.
You kept me clean, sheltered, and warm;
And would give your life to keep me from harm.

As I grew older. I remember you there
When my heart was broken, you showed me you cared
I cried on your shoulder when I was down;
And you were there to pick me up off the ground.

Later on there were times I’m sure that you felt
I was not using all the cards I was dealt.
And all the time that I brought you much shame
When you wondered if I was using my brain.

Many times in life I have failed
But your love and your trust always prevailed.
You gave me the courage to believe in myself.
Even though I was doubted by everyone else.

It is only natural to look back–now as a man
Back to the times when you held my hand.
The love you’ve shown me throughout my life
I now can pass down to my child and wife.

I look up to you now,
perhaps more than ever.
For you held my hand for a little while
But you’ll hold my heart forever.


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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