Crusty Tea

I seem to be getting a reputation for writing funny (or stupid) little songs. So now I actually have people coming up to me saying, “Hey Ken you should write a song about . . .”  Recently one of my co-workers at the children’s home was preparing for a cookout for our kids and a large group of guests. Evidently, whoever was supposed to clean up after the last cookout forgot to clean inside the cooler we use for the Tea and when they opened that cooler there was Tea inside that had been in there so long that it had actually become crusty. 

I’m not all that sure what caused my co-worker to think of me nor why he thought there was need of a song about crusty tea, but he did. When he saw me later he told me I should write a song about crusty tea. At first I just dismissed the idea. I mean I really don’t choose what songs I write, they just sort of choose me. What would I sing about crusty tea anyway? But the seed was planted and I’ll be darned if I didn’t start singing a little melody about crusty tea. Well, that was the inspiriation for this stupid little song. I could only think of one verse at first, but eventually a second came along too. I have not taken the time to come up with an intro or a bridge, just the beginnings of a song.  So here are the lyrics and a little video to give you an idea of how the song has gone inside my head. 

If the song seems popular enough, I will probably try to make a better video and a more complete song. But for now this will have to do. Click on Crusty Tea to see video. As always, if you get a good laugh, I hope you’ll share it, like it, but don’t criticize it. 

Crusty Tea

I was sweating like a pig eating pork chops

One July afternoon

I knew I was bout to shrivel up an die

If I didn’t get a drink real soon. 
Then I saw me an igloo cooler

Iced tea is what it said

But when I got a drink

Man it sure did stink

Tasted like somethings dead

Crusty tea, crusty tea

Was all that’s left for me

Made want to shout and spit it out my mouth

It tasted like Guerrilla pee
Crusty tea, crusty tea

That’s what’s wrong with me

You drink that stuff, you will throw up 

It’ll drive you down to your knees
Crusty tea crusty tea

Man it’s so darn nasty

Nothing taste worst to me

Than drinking that crusty tea. 
Verse 2

So I put the cooler back

Called my best friend Jack

Here’s a drink to try

But when he chugged it down 

And barfed all over the ground

I thought he was gonna die
Chorus repeats.  


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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