Calming the Demons

Sometimes my mind turns on me
And it becomes my own worst enemy.
The poisonous thoughts inside my head
Just won’t let; they want me dead.

One day they may find me lying on the floor
When I just couldn’t take the thoughts anymore.
People will be wondering what went wrong
When I’ve been trying to tell them all along.

It’s not that I don’t have people who care
People have tried, but they don’t get anywhere.
You can’t help those who won’t help themselves
But I fail in my efforts just like everyone else.

“You can’t fix stupid”, is what people say
So is there any hope for me anyway?
I can’t keep a job; I’m never content
I fail every time when my thoughts won’t relent.

I’m drowning in here; it’s like I can’t breathe
I can’t sleep or think from all the anxiety.
I feel worthless, rejected, sinful, and weak
And my feelings just get worse when I can’t sleep.

So I sit at this table in the middle of the night
Knowing the thoughts in my head just can’t be right.
Now that the poem is written I can go back to bed
Because I’ve calmed the demons that exist in my head.


About Ken Sayers

I’m just a man on a journey somewhere between Heaven and Hell. I seek acceptance and meaning in life just like everyone else.
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5 Responses to Calming the Demons

  1. Well-expressed, Ken. “Now that the poem is written I can go back to bed / Because I’ve calmed the demons that exist in my head.” This is where your power lies, the insight that there’s a you separate from the demons, and that there are things you can do to calm them.

    • Ken Sayers says:

      Thank you. You comments mean a lot to me. And thanks for the encouragement. Sometimes I know my poems can be very dark and depressing. But They are also therapeutic for me. They are often written in the wee hours of the morning when I can’t sleep. I know most people just won’t get it, but some will. But regardless of who gets it and who don’t, I make it through to another day. And if the day comes when I don’t, at least I have tried to communicate my struggle.

      • Yes, sometimes dark and depressing pieces tend to worry people, but what they don’t get is that it’s the very creation of those pieces that helps you get through that dark and depressing phase. Might sound kinda ironic to some people, but I think that’s how therapy by writing works.

  2. I love your poems! Good beat and insightful! Thanks for sharing.

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