About me & the site

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by. This has been a work in progress and it changes as I change. Even though I have several post I have written over the years, my plan is to reserve this site for Poems, Songs, and Things I Believe In. Some poems and songs I have written, but I also like to write about poems and songs that have in someway touched my life.  Even though I really don’t consider myself a poet, a musician, or a song writer, I do like to dabble with all three. I’m not a singer either, but that doesn’t stop me from doing it.  We can’t all be great at the things that we want to be great at. But if we enjoy them, then we should do them, so that is what I do.

I work with kids from hard places. In the past I have been a Marine, a preacher, a youth minister, and a truck driver. My current job is by far my favorite job. The kids I care for come from very troubled homes, and I sympathize with what they are going through. When I was born, my dad was in prison. When he got out, my parents married when I was 2 years old and splits up about a year later. My early life was a process of being tossed back and forth between parents who had both remarried. I didn’t seem to fit into either family. I soon became delinquent and a ward of the state. By the time I graduated high school I had transferred schools 21 times. I relate to what these kids are going through. Some people have a natural inclination towards depression, and I am one of those people. I have struggled with it ever sense I can remember and this struggle shows up in what I write. Writing is therapeutic for me. It helps  make sense out of things and seems to be the most helpful in picking me up out of some dark moods.

I tend to be either gloomy or goofy in what I write. And this is how I am in life too. I am also quite reflective learning valuable lessons it all that I am hoping are worth writing about. I hope readers will get something out of the site and hope you will respond as well. I am honored to know people are reading what I write and I am overjoyed when they enjoy it, relate to it, or in some way find it meaningful.

Thanks for stopping by.


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