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The Greatest Woman

The greatest woman has stood by my side She held my hand as when I sat and cried. She didn’t have any answers to give No words of wisdom by which I should live. She didn’t pretend to know what … Continue reading

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Calming the Demons

Depression is a very hard thing to deal with. Sometimes the thoughts become so overwhelming people resort to desperate means to end the misery. I suffer from depression and sometimes it can be severe. I don’t have the money or insurance to seek professional help. I don’t want be another Ginny pig for the glorified drug dealers to experiment on. Nor can I afford to stay in the hospital especially when doing so would probably cause me to lose my job anyway. After all, nobody wants a suicidal person working for them. Of course losing my job would probably just push me over the edge. Writing my thoughts down and sharing with others seems to help more than anything else that is available to me. Which is the reason for this poem. Continue reading

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I Don’t Know Why?

Why do I feel so worthless? Why do I feel so sad? My problems are no worse than others, So why do I feel so bad? People are all around me Still I feel all alone. People try to include … Continue reading

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Expressions of Depression

Sometimes I write things that I know nobody needs to read. But I need to write them just the same. They are expressions of my depression; they are the cries from the wilderness in which I often find myself; and … Continue reading

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For those of us who struggle with depression life is a lot like a roller coaster ride. We have our highs where we feel on top of the world quickly followed by drastic falls, twist, and turns that scare us … Continue reading

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Dealing With Pain You Can’t Explain

I just saw this quote by Robin Williams on social media and felt compelled to write something. Pain takes all sorts of shapes and forms, but some of the worst pain is hard to explain because it only exist in the … Continue reading

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The Happy Pills Song

I’m actually not sure when I wrote this song. I imagine it was written 2006-2007. Anybody who has read some of my poems during this dark period of my life (see When the Demons Come, The Great Abyss, or Does … Continue reading

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